Details of Project

Project Name:

Evaluation of Vulnerability of Earthquake Damage in Rural Areas of Northwest Yunnan Province




Yunnan Province, China


The National Natural Science Fundation of China

Main project features:

This research selected the rural groups in the rural areas of northwest Yunnan where earthquakes happened frequently as research subject. Started with the research of constitution of housing vulnerability, adopting the methods of field trip and questionnaire survey, using GIS technology, to analyze the rural house structure, make out the house classification list and to set up vulnerability model of different type of houses. On this basis, to develop a rural earthquake damage vulnerability simulation system REVS to simulate  under the current and future house condition, the likely financial loses caused by the earthquake repeat in the history. By comparative analysis of the simulating results and by quantitative analysis of the amplification and lessening to the disaster by the disaster-bearing body, further elaborate the root cause of the formation of vulnerability of the earthquake calamity system in rural areas. Thus to provide scientific proposals to defense earthquake risk in rural areas.

Position held:

Team Leader/Earthquake damage evaluation experts

Activities performed:

Conduct field research on rural building in Lijiang and Chuxiong, and make up a building classification list: civil structure, brick-wood structure, brick and concrete structure and frame structure.

According to the data of ruined building in the earthquake, constitute earthquake calamity vulnerability model for four types of buildings. And develop earthquake calamity vulnerability simulation system on the basis of GIS.

REVS has an accuracy of over 75 percentage to simulate the earthquake calamity in Yunnan, in particular in the rural areas of northwest Yunnan. The simulation deviation range is acceptable in the quick evaluation of earthquake calamity.

The simulated transcendental probability curve of financial loses of buildings in the earthquake shows that Yunnan Province suffers an average 1.025 billion Yuan financial lose annually caused by earthquake, which approximately takes up 0.18% of its GDP of the same year.

The economic vulnerability of disaster bearing body structure has an amplifying or lessening function to the earthquake calamity. Due to the high cost, the economic vulnerability of brick and concrete structure, brick-wood structure and frame structure are higher than civil structure. Therefore, although with the development of current economy, the vulnerability of the construction is reduced, the economic impact of earthquake is greater rather than reduced.